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reminder for bisexuals


today is bi visibility day. as such, bisexual people will be completely visible for the next 24 hours. this is a bad day to engage in bank heists, ghost impersonations, covert operations for vague yet menacing government agencies, and other common bisexual hobbies that rely upon our powers of invisibility. 

reblog to save a life. 





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Windchill // Step Into My World

My life’s getting worse, but I feel twice as strong.
Surrounded by the fact- Yo, this shit is on.

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so kute!


so kute!

Do you think Kanye humiliated the paraplegics or was it an honest mistake and ppl are over reacting?




Anytime anything involves Kanye West, the media is going to overreact and turn it into something else. 

Case in point. Kanye has made it a custom to stop the music and talk to the crowd at his concerts. Sometimes its about serious topics, sometimes its positive and uplifting, sometimes its just whatever. 

But no matter WHAT he says, it’s automatically labeled a “rant”. I remember the other week he stopped his concert to give an update on the new yeezy shoes and someone uploaded the video to YouTube. The video was “Kanye Rant: Yeezy Updates”

The man wasn’t ranting about shoes. When you automatically label someone’s word as a “Rant” no matter what they say, you’re subtly discrediting them painting them as unstable. 

But anyway, back to the subject at hand. If you really watched the video you’ll see Kanye ask everyone in the stadium to stand up. When Kanye saw some people weren’t standing, he asked why and the crowd told him they were disabled. So he said “aight cool” and then started the song. 

That’s all that happened. 

Somehow that turned into “Kanye Berates Man In Wheelchair For Not Standing” in the media. 

Wow that is sooo different than I overheard it on the radio. They were like “He REFUSED to continue with the concert even though some people were disabled, and has not given an apology!”

the first portion of this commentary is definitely on point and accurate. and needed to be said.


but y’all.

"When Kanye saw some people weren’t standing, he asked why and the crowd told him they were disabled. So he said "aight cool" and then started the song."

This is not what happened.

He very much made it a thing. It wasn’t just that the audience mentioned that the person was in a chair, but he actually sent someone to confirm. He threatened to kick the folks out if they didn’t stand until he realized they were in a chair.

Like, yes, let’s call out the anti-blackness inherit in how the media treats Kanye and many Black celebs/pop culture figures.

But let’s not rewrite events to try to diminish his ableist actions, however casual and unintentional they might have been, in this situation.

Oh my god, I’m going to punch myself in the face

I had problems taking blood pressures because I HAD THE STETHOSCOPE ON IN REVERSE.

I’m going to blame it on my old company and how shitty their training was.



Holy shit that shift kicked my ass.

I need to practice vitals with the novia before my next shift, cause Fuck was I train wreck today.




Is this a human rights violation?

They’re being forced to risk their lives, so yeah I would say this is a violation of their right to life.


Everytime I look around, the US Govt, or some part there-of on  State or National level; is finding a way to reintroduce slavery.

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